UK Taqqiyya: Muslim policeman invents plan to kidnap a fellow officer as part of ‘terror plot’

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Policeman appears in court accused of hatching a bogus terror plot to KIDNAP a fellow officer

  • PC Amar Tasaddiq Hussain was arrested after police were given false information suggesting officer was to be kidnapped as part of ‘terror plot’
  • Led to false arrest of 31-year-old and prompted a national security warning
  • Hussain appeared in court alongside student, 25, and 35-year-old tutor

By Stephanie Linning for MailOnline

Published: 21:36, 7 October 2015 |

Accused: PC Amar Tasaddiq Hussain

A policeman has appeared in court accused of devising a bogus plan to kidnap a fellow officer.

Amar Tasaddiq Hussain, 29, from Birmingham, was arrested after police were given false information suggesting the officer was to be targeted as part of a ‘terrorist plot’ last December.

The hoax led to a 31-year-old being falsely arrested and prompted a national security warning.

Hussain is charged with two counts of conspiring to commit misconduct in…

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Saudi spat continues: No Saudi Arabia visas for Swedish zoo monkeys

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Who on earth would send animals to a barbaric Muslim society in the first place? They have no regard for animals whatsoever. Muslims are notorious for horrendous and deliberate animal abuse. They thrive on it. The Swedes are completely nuts. Why don’t they just send all their six-year olds there while they are at it so they can display their fake socialist huminatiranism?

No Saudi Arabia visas for Swedish zoo monkeys

A little pygmy marmoset. Photo: Bo Jonsson/Skansen-akvariet/TT

Published: 07 Apr 2015

Sweden’s diplomatic spat with Saudi Arabia has had ramifications well beyond the human world, after four monkeys who were supposed to move from a Stockholm zoo to Riyadh were given the cold shoulder.

The pygmy marmoset is one of the smallest primates in the world at just over 100 grams (3.5 oz) and is native to the rainforests of South America.

A troop of four belonging to the Skansen zoo in Stockholm were supposed…

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Is Mehdi Hasan a True Scotsman?

always entertaining; Mehdi Hasan

Shiraz Socialist

Cover Story: “How Islamic is Islamic State?”
Mehdi Hasan argues that the Quran cannot be blamed for violent political extremism

From Wikipedia:
No true Scotsman is an informal fallacy, an ad hoc attempt to retain an unreasoned assertion. When faced with a counterexample to a universal claim (“no Scotsman would do such a thing”), rather than denying the counterexample or rejecting the original universal claim, this fallacy modifies the subject of the assertion to exclude the specific case or others like it by rhetoric, without reference to any specific objective rule (“no true Scotsman would do such a thing”


A simple rendition of the fallacy:

Person A: “No Scotsman puts sugar on his porridge.”
Person B: “But my uncle Angus likes sugar with his porridge.”
Person A: “Ah yes, but no true Scotsman puts sugar on his porridge.”

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The Troubling Math Of Muslim Migration (And Americans Don’t Seem To Be Paying Attention)