Nov. 20, 1979–Overzealous Wahhabis Seize Grand Mosque In Mecca

History of Wahhabism. It hasn’t changed a whit


[Today is the 32nd anniversary of the 1979 takeover of  the Grand Mosque in Mecca by more than 500 brainwashed Wahhabi zealots, who took control of the most important mosque in all Saudi Arabia.   They held it for two weeks, at which time the Saudi troops overpowered the  militants with the help of French and American intelligence agencies.  In many ways, the men who were martyred that day succeeded in their revolutionary task of unleashing a wave of militant Wahhabi terrorism which has swept back-and-forth, washing over the Saudi state, purifying the Wahhabi faithful for the past 32 years, just as it has washed over all lands within the Saudi grasp.  In that time, the wave has continued to grow in intensity, becoming today a tsunami of righteous indignation that is directed at the House of al-Saud.  It is only right that today, someone should finish the job that…

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